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My apartment smells like some other apartment's bad smoking habit until I light up the nag champa, which some old hippy guy once seriously asked whether I was a qualified yogi or not while I was purchasing.


Bush is Lord!

Haha, this site is vaguely amusing:
(click on the President Almighty.)


Something else to ponder:

I wonder how often people talk about how they're bored in their blogs. I would bet pretty often.

The truth of the matter is:

I am really bored this morning. I drank too much coffee last night, and I still feel its nervous effects, and I am listening to too much Nitzer Ebb.

So I have decided to ponder on the matter of the spelling of the doh.

For you see, there are cults who spell the doh as "d'oh!", and, while I can appreciate this spelling, I traditionally go with the simpler "doh." Of course, "d'oh" does more accurately describe the elongated O-sound, emphasizing an especially disasterous "d'oh" situation.

What are your thoughts on this matter, students of the doh?

Because we are the big boys, we're so strong, we're so killer. We know the order, we know who we are. Won't you come and join us in our playground? It's a violent playground - it's such a violent playground.


I successfully resisted posting anything about some holiday that happens in December in Japan. Happy Annual Gifting Giving Day!


I will resist! Viva Something!

My sister Katie has threatened to hilight my blog, whatever that means.

Well, I refuse! I will not be read! The resistance will spread, and soon, soon, my brothers and sisters, none of our blogs will be read! Viva etc, etc.



Today, I got an email from Amazon.com. And I deleted it before I even opened it.


There goes your holiday marketing schemes, Amazon.com!!!

Man, at least I was considerate enough to open up the HP and Yahoo! emails before I deleted those without giving them a once-over. Oh well.


I'll tell you why I have this blog:

It's because of the cool looking format! This lovely bold text, that elegant background of tile and parchment, ooooh it's to die for! Just kidding. But really that is the reason.


Ahhh, Binghamton.

Haven't updated this thingie lately, mostly because I've been busy and abroad. Lessee, for the election I stayed over at my dad's house because it's a 3 hour trip from my voting district in Buffalo to Binghamton. The election was disapointing, but oh well. There are benefits to people you don't like being in office. Really!

Just for example, consider the close election for Bush this time. Most people who voted for Kerry were voting against Bush because noone really knows much about Kerry still. You've already got about half the country (at least voters anyway) unimpressed with the President. For the second term, he has all the more opportunities to fuck everything up! This is excellent! Maybe next time another 10% of the voting population will shake their heads at Republicans.

That's exactly what I did when I voted. I wasn't nodding my head at the Democrat, but shaking my head at the Republican. I feel kind of weird about that, too, considering I voted for Nader in the previous election on the principle that everyone should vote for who they genuinely want to be in office. Oh well. Stupid idealism.

(Skip ahead here if glazing over political banter.)
So after the election I went and moved into my tiny Binghamton studio, which I realized is even more slummy than I thought it was at first, and it depresses me. Yay! But so far I've spent about $200 making the best of it, and it's a little more comfortable. I'm counting on getting a better small apartment sometime around March or something while I save up money. Meanwhile I'll be busy saving money and figuring out how to enroll in school.

I visited the Bronx to see Katie and Tim and Kiernan, and then let them ride in my car up to Maine to visit the extended family up there. It was all good. I still need to find a car vacuum to get that dog hair out of my seating though. heh.


Hmm, Binghamton, I see...

So I have myself a little studio in Binghamton now, and I can sorta see what people are talking about when people say Binghamton is "sooo depressing," although it's really not that bad. I think living in Buffalo for a year and a half may have tainted my perception on this point.

I have a tiny itty bitty studio! It's so cute! or it would be, if it weren't so slummy! ha. It's really not that bad. That's the phrase for Binghamton, of course. It's not that bad. It should be the new slogan.

You know, like "Ithaca is GORGES."
Binghamton is REALLY NOT THAT BAD.

You know.


Eat my furniture!

Ack, transporting 2 twin matresses, a metal futon-bunk frame, and another futon couch frame is going to prove very difficult with my adorable little '93 Nissan Sentra.

And Amvets takes forever to send out a free pickup van. Curses. Seems like other people have already thought of that furniture dumping outlet as they leave the city of Buffalo in droves.

Oh well, I'll hafta figure some other way to get rid of these evil pieces of bulky unwanted unbiodegrables.

Tomorrow, I'll drive to Binghamton, and see what's so horrible about this town that I'm moving to.